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Towards Smaller Conventions

What is the future of the convention scene? Karl offers one idea.

Towards Smaller Conventions

A letter in reference to the vurt website, from Karl

I read the page where it was mentioned about the lower number of attendees at Australian Conventions. I would just like to iterate that the US, Europe and the UK also have suffered significant drop off in the number con attendees.

Since the US offers VERY little in the way of systemless games I think this can hardly be blamed.

Sales of games based in the US has caused many companies to go bust over the last 5 years - and the takeovers of a few others, including the biggest of roleplaying game manufacturers, TSR.

US RPG producers have spent a lot of money trying to find out what was causing this drop off, and they identified that Computer games were the main reason for lower numbers. While computer games like Diablo are identified as ROLEPLAYING GAMES, kids who are not exposed to non-computer RPGs will just continue to wonder "why would you want to do it with pencil and paper when the computer can do it all for you?"

Anyway, the point of my little rant here is that the problem is NOT just limited to Australia and the types of conventions we run here. In the US now the trend is to attend a weekend con (like the style of Recon) locally rather than travelling to a big con somewhere far away.

What can we do about it? I don't know, the game manufacturers don't know. I HOPE that your website will help - I know it won't make things worse ;-) My belief is that the only way we can arrest this decline is to get more into the community - to demonstrate roleplaying games at high school drama classes, perhaps - things like that.

But that takes time and LOTS of money - it's a full time job for several people. The companies in the US were not willing to put the money into it, I don't see how we in Australia can.

What did you think?

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