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Welcome to the wonderful world of vurt.

You may think that you've never been to the website and you may not even have cared previously what vurt is.

Unfortunately we've imprinted subliminal, subluminal, post-hypnotic suggestions in the above paragraph, so if you've read this far you're already obliged to come visit. And if you read the paragraph above, you're obliged to write us an article.

Dare you read on? You dare!

In fact, Vurt is a repository for all sorts of information, articles and general wonder that relates to roleplaying in Australia. It's been set up so that anyone who wants webspace or a place to put a suggestion, or a way of implementing a good idea.

Vurt provides webspace for several conventions and hosts many roleplaying related mailing lists. We also have an Australian Convention Calendar, many articles to read, A mentor program for new writers, and all sorts of wonders. Projects in development include a database of australian gamers and a find a game/gamer message board.

In fact if you think it should be online, talk to us. We're happy to help.

If you think it should be happening at conventions, talk to us.

If you're interested in helping, working or generally doing things for the roleplaying community, talk to us.

Regardless, you read the last paragraph, so you must go to and deposit your life savings in my bank account.

This subliminal message brought to you by