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Vurt Style Guide

All this is now out of date due to the new website desing - a new style guide wil be up shortly.

Vurt pages have a distinctive style. They are laid out in two tables with a navigation bar down the left side, and the page content on the right. For ease of creation and maintence this is largely done using Stylesheets and SSI (Server Side Includes). The main files are kept in the home directory - /home/httpd/html.

They are

  • vurt.css (the style sheet)
  • header.html (the header, contains doc type, meta tags, title, top of table and vurt logo image)
  • menu.html (the list of whats on vurt and additional links to other roleplaying websites.
  • vurt_menu.html (a list of what is on vurt)
  • footer.html (the bottom of the table and the home button)

Vurt has a white background and green header and links and purple for visited links. All filenames should be .shtml (with exception of SSI files. All directories should have an index.shtml. All directories with a customised navigation menu, will have a file called menu.html in that directory. Which can be added by typing - <!--#include virtual="menu.html"-->.

The format for creating a vurt web page is

  • <!--#include virtual="/header.html"-->
  • <!--#include virtual="/vurt_menu.html"--> (or specific navigation menu for working directory)
  • <!--#include virtual="/table.html"-->
  • Add content of page here
  • <!--#include virtual="/footer.html"-->