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Just a note - if someone wants to volunteer to update this or send us news regularly - we would be most greatful. Email with comments, news and offers of help :)

29th October, 2002
DwarfCon is back! Bigger, better and stronger than ever! see for all the news and events and plans for 2003

in other news several cons are looking for games for 2003, including conquest and necronomicon - so go to their websites and check it out

27th May, 2002
From the organisers of DwarfCon
It is with much sadness that we must announce the cancellation of DWARFCON 7. This cancellation has occurred due to a loss of our venue, and an inability to be able to find a replacement venue.
On Sunday May 16, 2002, the committee of DWARF received a hand delivered letter from Lyndale Secondary College. This letter informed us that as of May 31, 2002, Lyndale Secondary College would be unavailable for hire by any community or outside group. Over the past week, the committee and other members of DWARF have tried to find a replacement venue for not only DWARFCON 7, but for DWARF itself. Sadly, all attempts at present to find a venue that we can currently afford has failed. Therefore, we have no option but to cancel DWARFCON 7 at this time. Hopefully, we might be able to run again some time in the future, but as DWARF itself no longer has a venue for weekly gaming, this currently does not look hopeful
Those of you who have offered games, we thank you and appreciate the effort you have put in. And those who have already entered, we thank you too. If you have already forwarded a payment to us, we will shortly be sending you either a full refund, or your unbanked cheque.
If you have any queries, please contact us either via the DWARF or DWARFCON websites, or via email.

14th Febuary, 2002
From the Jester con website - It is with a heavy heart I regret to inform you that Jester-Con 2002 has had to be postponed indefinitely. A policy change at our venue has left us in the position of having to rush to fulfill their requirements - and possibly not meet them, or postponing and doing our level best to meet these new requirements. We as a committee decided to postpone Jester-Con at this time until we can be certain we meet the venue's new terms. We felt that we could not leave the decision any longer as soon people will be making travel plans, especially those people from interstate.

13th Febuary, 2002
Check out the Conquest, JesterCon and Sydcon websites. They have all been recently updated and these cons are coming soon - so see whats on offer.

10th October, 2001
The Phenonmenon website is up and working - for all your info on pheno check out

22nd Sept 2001
Arcanacon has announced a date change - its only a small one - but due to the announcement of Monday 28th of January, Arcanacon has moved from the Thurs 24th to Sun 27th, to running from Friday the 25th to Monday the 28th of January to better take advantage of the long weekend.

MacqaurieCon is back on! After a hiatus last yeas, its back under new management on 14th to 16th of December (2001) at Macquarie University.

Melbourne University roleplaying club Infinite Images has announced they will not be running Unicon this year. Instead a new one day venture called Intensecon will be running on the 1st of December. All the roleplaying and food you can possibly fit into one day and than some, plus lots of old favourite games running.

Necronomicon is not far off at all, starting the 29th of September, thats a week and a bit away. Its held in Newtown Performing Arts Colledge in Newtown, Sydney. It's always been one of my favourite cons.