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Roleplaying Club Listing

Here we aim to eventually have a comprehensive list of roleplaying clubs around australia. We are in the process of compiling the information and hope that anyone and everyone out there can send us club contact information - urls, snail mails, phone numbers, meeting times and places and everything. Please send info here

At the moment there is very little here - the lists however are being compiled and info will go up when its ready. Its organised into states for your convenience

A little disclaimer - in no way garantees this information. It's info that gets sent to us and is accurate at the time of compilation. As people know clubs change regularly, and from time to time details may change. We will endeavour to maintain the accuracy of this information - but if you find any faults please contact us at

Australia Wide

The Camarilla
The Camarilla is on on going live action freeform set in the World of Darkness. It has chapters in most capital cities and some other places besides, the australian faction is also part of a larger world wide organisation. See for more information on the Camarilla.

RPGA Asia-Pacific Branch
The RPGA are a world wide organisation - who do all sorts of gaming stuff, including running sanctioned tournaments at most roleplaying conventions, for more information on the Australian branch see their website at


Camarilla in Canberra
More information and contact details can be found on their website at


UNSW Gameplayers
Check out for info - the are located at the University of New South Wales

For Sydney University Roleplayers check out Suhtekh at

Macquarie University Roleplaying Society (MURPS)


The Queensland University Games Society (QUGS)
webpage is
Check out the website for more contact information and details about what QUGS is doing.


Australian Game Wizards
Level 2,
61 Light Square
Adelaide, SA
Phone No. (08) 8410 - 4010
E-Mail: E-Group:
If you'd like any more details, I'd suggest e-mailing Kylie.

Adelaide University Roleplaying Club
Are based at Adelaide Uni, strangly enough and can be contacted through the President, James Knevitt
Their website is at, and our mailing list is at
They can be snail mailed at
Adelaide University Roleplaying Club
c/- Clubs Association
Adelaide Uniersity
SA 5005



Infinite Images - Melbourne University Roleplaying
See their website for more information at

DWARF - Dandenong Wargamers and Roleplaying
43-61 Browns Rd, Noble Park North Carwatha Secondary College. See their website for more info