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The Mentor Program

One of the things that has been discussed to some extent recently is the declining numbers at Australian roleplaying conventions. It has been suggested that one of the reasons that no new players are coming in is not because no one is role-playing - as sales of role-playing material would indicate otherwise - but that new people find the concept of roleplaying conventions either confusing or intimidating.

The Mentor Program is designed to encourage new writers to bring their material to Australian roleplaying conventions. Quite simply, we offer advice on writing techniques and feedback on ideas. If you are new to the roleplaying scene, or have never been to a roleplaying convention before, then don't feel as though those of us who have been here a while are unapproachable. We aren't! And this page (and others like it) are here to help bridge the gap.

Very simply, a number of experienced convention designers from around Australia have offered to act as mentors - to give advice on writing blurbs, preparing games, playtesting, presentation and so on. Also here you will shortly be able to find the designer's FAQ, chock full of information of the "where do I start?" type. It is planned to also introduce a "buddy system" whereby new con goers can be hooked up with an experienced con goer who can guide them through the maelstrom of entering, registration, finding a team and so on.

And, out latest and greatest feature, we've started putting up a list of those who are willing to act as advisors to convention organisers. If you're starting up a new convention or if you just want to swap some ideas, then there are people willing to help!

View the list of mentors.

Here is what we have of the Convention Designers' FAQ.

For more information, or to volunteer as a mentor yourself, mail me.