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Current Mentors

These are the people who are currently willing to help out with designing convention modules. They are all experienced designers but still all remember what it's like to present that first game! Feel free to contact any of these people if you feel like you need a hand writing your convention module. You don't have to be a first-time designer - we're willing to help people who have been writing for years but who are just stuck on this module. If you're willing to have your name added to this list, then contact Madi.

Just a note - some of these contact details are out of date - I'm currently attempting to up date these details, if ppl can help me please email me. Otherwise I'll be removing the broken links soon.

Madi has been roleplaying since 1982 and moved into the convention scene in 1992. Since then he has written various and varied games, from extreme comedy to cathartic mind-trips. He also has some experience with freeforms but is happiest (and best-qualified) to help out with systemless gaming.

Lachlan has been convention roleplaying for six years. He has written and run systemless and real-time games as well as other styles of live-action game. He's willing to help as a sounding board for ideas, with tips on presentation or even with playtesting. He can be contacted by snail mail: 30 Copeland St, Alexandria, NSW, 2015, phone (02) 9550 3915.

Lindsay has been convention roleplaying for around ten years now and has worked on everything from multi-session Rolemaster to single session systemless. She can help with blurbs and story/plotline and is willing to help in other areas as well. She can be contacted on (02) 6287 4422, fax (02) 6287 3532.

Mark has been roleplaying for ten years, having previously been the roleplaying co-ordinator for a gaming club in Adelaide, as well as helping organise several local Conventions. Mark's experience has mainly been with medieval-based rpg's, though he's also written some systemless and freeform material. He still lives in Adelaide, and can be contacted on 0402 584 640."

Liam is one of the founding members of The Cthulhu Conglomerate and very experienced at running longer, system-based convention-style modules. He is willing to help out with running system-based games and has experience with Chaosium systems, L5R, Unknown Armies and many others.

Ben has been writing since '91, mainly in the area of dark and cyber-future games such as SLA, Dark Conspiracy, Cyberpunk and Shadowrun. Ben is willing to help with every aspect of game design, from blurb writing to playtesting.

Paul has been writing since 1985 and has covered everything from AD&D, Cthulhu and Traveller to systemless. He's willing to help with any aspect of game design.

Loki has been convention roleplaying for more than a decade, and writing for more than half of that time. He's written and run systems such as Vampire, Changeling and Elric, but done a lot more freeforms than anything else. He's willing to help out with any aspect of game creation, from the initial idea through to what basis to award trophies on, and everything between. He can be contacted via snail mail: PO Box 1175, Lalor 3075, Victoria.

Andrew is one of the oldest muppets, having started roleplaying in 1981, going to Cons in 1983, and running games for Cons in 1987. He prefers SF and modern horror, but for the right price will dabble in other genres. He has opinions on all aspects of the hobby and is not afraid to share them. He hasn't yet achieved either of his goals as a Con GM: starting a personality cult or causing a player's head to explode.

Convention Organisers

If you need a hand getting that convention together, then there are people there who are willing to help.

Heidi has been organising conventions for about three years. She has organised MacQuaricons and Necronomicons. She can offer advice on how to start, how to make sure organisational teams get along and how to make sure everyone is still friends afterwards. You may also wish to read Heidi's article on girls in roleplaying.